Coudda B

Alexaudria Hill, better known as Coudda B was born in Tampa, Fl on July 1, 1991 to working class parents. From a young age she showed an interest in performing, primarily as an actor. Her interest in music began when she realized she could perform in music videos. She saw this as an alternative to acting. Her older brother who is a rapper known as Extra, was an influence on her. As kids they would often put on “living room” shows, Couuda B on the piano and Extra on the drums. Other influences came from mainstream artist like Lauren Hill, Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy, Ashanti, Destiny’s Child and more. In her late teens, Coudda B connected with a group called Money Mobsters with whom she recorded her first track titled “I Got Tang”. In 2015 while performing at a showcase, a local label owner noticed her energy and crowd reaction. He moved on to sign her and subsequently released her first single: “Queen”. Today Coudda B continues to record and show the world what a female emcee can do.

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