Sheldon Price JR, better known as Priceman is a Tampa, Fl native Rapper. As a youngster Priceman found himself musically surrounded by two individuals: his dad and his uncle. His dad’s love of music was evident at the many parties and BBQs where music was always present. His uncle Ken Jackson, the owner of AMV studios provided Priceman a window into the music industry.

Priceman credits his musical influences to to the likes of Jay Z, Nas and Rick Ross. Although he was always interested in the music industry, it was not until approaching the age of 18 that Priceman recorded his first record. He also began hitting the stage and doing shows. Priceman, a natural on stage recalls how the audience at his very first performance had no clue that he was just starting out. Always making positive music, Priceman hopes that people are inspired by his sound. Having achieved some local success, Priceman now has his sights on a bigger goal, beyond fame, Priceman hopes to one day be iconic.

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